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Oh I just want Blaine to get tongue-tied at their wedding now! You know, stunning ceremony, stunning guests, stunning reception, stunning menu, stunning music, stunning weather, stunning honeymoon, and that’s all mostly because Kurt’s just…stunning. And all Blaine had to do (Kurt liked to tease) was write his vows. And he struggles and ums and ars and begs help from everyone and then gets this amazing, perfect, everything speech written. But when it comes time to speak the words he just fumbles and stutters and forgets. Has to turn to his big brother and get the folded, typed up copy. And read with a shaky voice from that.

And, of course, no one really cares. It’s still a lovely little tale of love and romance and Kurt kisses him and then it’s the whirlwind to the reception and guests to deal with. They hardly have a moment to breath or talk or look at each other. And the ten minutes in the back of the limo to the hotel they do none of those things, they just kiss each other hard and giggling and breathlessly whispering: “Married, oh my god, we’re married.”

Blaine tried to apologize and Kurt waves it off and then eventually accepts and says it doesn’t matter, he knows what Blaine wanted to say (has known since that first year together so long ago.) And then Blaine finds his voice and his words again and whispers dirty, honest, perfect promises for the honeymoon ahead in Kurt’s ear until they’re slipping back into the kitchen and finding a quiet corner and making out like they’re seventeen again. And then caught by Finn.

But when the reception is over and they go off to the honeymoon suite, Blaine finds his voice again and just keeps telling Kurt everything. Every little thing he wanted to promise but couldn’t quite say out loud. By turns dirty and romantic and stupidly sweet. But all very, very true.