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Okay, so that's pretty lame, maybe you ask me? I'll answer anything at this point.

Oh...attention whore.

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Can you rec any good multi-chaptered fics?

I don’t read them anywhere near as much as I wish I had the time to and I am a lazy dick so google and stuff, ok. But… wordplay’s AV!Verse is a fantastic future fic. Near Misses is epic and a college AU. Enzymes is just wonderful. Expectations Fail I read recently and it was wowza. Sotto Voce is a WIP but I’m all over that like a cat in heat. Ummm… Fade to Black by judearaya for shizzle. Aubreyli’s How Kurt Hummel Got Married… is a classic. Whenidance’s Shatter The Walls was also a more recent fav.

A lot of these are still a bit shortish but they’re long enough to mull over for a evening very happily. If google fails you come back to me. I’m so shit at remembering full titles and authors. Oops.