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Okay, so that's pretty lame, maybe you ask me? I'll answer anything at this point.

Oh...attention whore.

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girliesportsjunkie replied to your photo: First bottle of wine on the girls weekend. #wine…

Kim Crawford Pinot?

Yes indeed it was. And very nice with my duck. My parents just got back from two weeks touring the Barossa Valley and my mum was telling me all about this wine reviewer who they kept crossing paths with at various wineries and restaurants and how he was lovely and very knowledgeable and then she told me how she thought he seemed a bit lonely, being on the road writing for all these magazines and speaking so passionately about wine and food and the culture of it and I might have grinned like an idiot because Sotto Voce feels obviously. 

gingeritt replied to your postSaw about a dozen Roos jumping across the road in…

….what I’m getting from this is that kangaroos are too Australia as deer are to America. And I’m kind of terrified.

Very much so. Though from my experience with deer, I think roos are even dumber in terms of moving vehicles. They have a wonderful tendency to bounce along the side of the road keeping up with the cars and then spontaneously jump in front. They cause an insane number of accidents a year.